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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and based on our user submissions, they love it too!  Here are some of the best Halloween costumes our baristas wore to work this year.

1. Tigger, Vampire and Tyrannosaurus Rex

(@shaynobayno @koehltrainssk @danacschwartz)

2. DAD! (@_pocketcatt)

DAD, you're embarrassing me!! #BaristaLife #HappyHalloween #Halloween {📸: @_pocketcatt}

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3. Be Careful Who You Let Make Your Coffee Today (@carlafoster96)

Be careful who you let make your coffee today 🐾😼❓#Halloween2016 #baristalife

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4. Can You Check and see if I have a Free Drink? (@agirlnamednatalieee)

Can you check and see if I have a free drink? #baristalife #starbucks

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5. Frappuccinos. Why'd it have to be. Frappuccinos? Foam and Glory, Kid. Nothing Shocks me, I'm a barista."  (@skolteocles)

6. Literally Dead (@kaylajoy44)

Finally, a costume that really speaks to me. 💅🏼 #literallydead #basic 📸: @madisonjayn

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7. DEATH TO DECAF! (@je_cours_la)

Death to Decaf!!! #ThePurge #halloween #starbucks #baristalife

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8. The Starbucks Family and 2 Absolutely Adorable Frappuccinos (@amberraestiner)

9. Part Bewitched, Part Hocus Pocus (@seqoi)

10. Barista After an 8 Hour Shift (@_jreiss114)

💀👻 #zombie #barista #baristalife #happyfallyall #broseph #halloween 2015 #vsco 💄&📸:@brogoo

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11. Dressing Up as EcoSure and Then Actually Meeting One (@bebreezykid)

Barista Life Halloween Costumes

12. Starbucks BOOristas! (@_x_pretty.assassin_x_)

Your Starbucks Bo0o0oRistas today 🎃😂❤ #starbucks #halloween #barista

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