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So, on the Barista Life Twitter account, we asked you all a question.

With almost 300 responses, all hilarious, we had to turn them into an article so you can enjoy.

If you’re a customer reading this, use it as a little handy guide on what not to do while visiting your baristas!

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

A customer told me at 4:00 am that I should wear makeup more because I’d get more tips that way :-)



- @anneka_16

Customer: Spends 10 minutes in line...gets to register. NOW THEY START TO LOOK AT MENU. Me: Get to the back and try again


- @Matt_Stovall

Ordering a water at the handoff plane with the line running out the door



- @Mr_samhoyle

When something doesn't ring up right away and they say "oh must be free then!" like, no.



- @skykulczycki

"Make sure that's soy, I can't have dairy" *asks for extra whip cream*



- @agar_madison

Reach over the handoff into my bar area. "That was supposed to be iced/hot..."



- @PandaVike22

Pull up to a DT and instantly yell "hello?!?"



- @PandaVike22

When your on bar and they hand you the empty half and half carafe like you don't already have a million drinks on bar



- @_ShonaMama_

Ordering 'a double espresso, in a large cup, topped up with steamed milk'...a latte then!



- @LemanaCafe

When they sit at the drive thru FOREVER after you've completed the exchange. U gonna drink the whole thing before you go



- @familytimenails

Basically anything and everything a customer does



- @TylerTashji

“Room for cream?” “No thanks” *dumps half of coffee in the lobby trash*



- @actuallyshrek

When you hand out a drink and say “thank you” and they say “you’re welcome” in response. I’m welcome for what?



- @lincoln_allie

"I wanted that iced"



- @baileywsnow

Skip the Drive Thru speaker then ask for ingredients of all the pastries and sandwiches at the window during rush



- @victoriame0w

I had a customer ask me today for a caramel macchiato without coffee.... me:"so you want just steamed milk?"... her:"no"



- @kailey_pate

"Oh, I thought tall was the biggest one."



- @nikgman1

When you ask if they want room with their coffee and they say no but you see them spill coffee in the trash to make room



- @chaitear

Telling them their drink will be out soon and they drive off w/o their drink. Then call and complain about not getting



- @Otterlytasty

When they give you the death stare when you tell them the price of their drink



- @chlamydoua

When they ask to reload their card after you've rung them up and they are about to swipe their card



- @johnrtravis

Customers ordering in the drive thru from the passenger seat



- @kailey_pate

"Well when I used to work at Starbucks ..." [ coming from like a lady she who worked there like 10 years ago]



- @raygoza_p

Trying to order at the handoff then getting mad when you tell them they have to wait in line. Sorry you aren't special??



- @jojo_tothemaxo

DT, 3pm Sat: "I've been waiting 20 minutes you are slow" ...... YOU got on the line that was already 7 cars long!



- @joeycriscionee

When people order drinks and don't say what size they want first. Or when they say they want the "regular"; tf is that?



- @thuggyadi

When they tell you they had a free reward after you already charged them



- @sandraluciano8

Wet cappuccino. Enough said.



- @shelbymayy

"Can I get a frappé" sure just head down to the nearest McDonald's...



- @_joekim

Questioning if I know how to make the drinks they order while hovering around the Bar



- @clunastaryn

When they insert their card after you asked them to wait n they get mad when they have to swipe again🙄" is it charging me again?



- @mell0wiwi

Telling you their entire complicated drink order but not saying the size of the cup



- @maggiebilger

When a customer reaches for a sleeve and they all burst onto the floor...



- @_joekim

I want so much Carmel you give me diabetes



- @_rosie_posie36_

"How much is matcha water? 80c?"



- @_joekim

Cappuccino-- no foam.



- @JuliaGowen

"But they do it for me all the time at the OTHER store"



- @Vampyers

Taking someone else's drink when it isn't even the same size..



- @Monica_Rose1097

The clueless boyfriend who's driving & has no idea what is going on. "Do you need a receipt?"



- @Tarenlt4

"I used to work for Starbucks, I know…"



- @JoshuaDykstra12

"Give me a squirt of syrup."



- @BadRelijen

"Can I have a regular plain coffee black, with French vanilla, 4 creamers and 4 sugars."



- @Brolyberto

Ordering a Starbucks drink and/Or size when we are clearly and small business, not a Starbucks



- @Bekah0511

Walks into the Coffee Bean and orders a grande caramel frappuccino



- @OhMyNanners

Saying: "This is gonna be a complicated order" and it's actually easy. No order is complicated.



- @Drea_Gigi

Customer grabs cup out of my hand... I want shots to here, water to here and don't mess it up, I don't have time for a remake.



- @Deedles722

When people don't ask for their mobile orders and expect you to just know.



- @CallMeeJess_

When they order 3 drinks, you hand them the first one, and they say "I have 2 more". Like how many hands u think I've go



- @Laurel_Anne25

When you clearly were not the person that took their order and they ask you, "is this my drink?"



- @Michaela_16

When they grab a drink from the bar and they take a sip and they are like this isn't what I ordered.



- @MigueGarcia23

"Is this my drink?" "this was decaf right" "this was supposed to be iced" "I forgot to say soy LOL" "can I get a pink drink?”



- @evaldezz_

"Hey I've never seen you! You must be new"



- @Kayleigh_Robs

The most annoying thing is a backseat barista. When a customer tells you oh I wanted that with soy and it's not even their drink



- @MigueGarcia23

NOT moving to the pickup bar after placing their order when there's a line



- @TheJulianAnaya

Can I get a frappucino hot?



- @PrincessRai_

Looks at us like we are stupid when they ask for a drink off the secret menu and We don't know how it's made



- @DammmmSammmm

"Calls out drink for bob" "Did you say Susan??"



- @GinaMinuch

"I want a trenta Frappuccino and my normal store makes it for me, you're being difficult!!!"



- @MeBeShe4815

"I was here a few weeks ago. Do you remember what I ordered? I'd like to get that again."



- @BMB_4_Real

In the drive thru: "Hi, what can I get for you?" "One minute, I need to call someone." WHY ARE YOU IN THE DRIVE THRU



- @KatieYanezzzz

When it's busy and you're short staffed and a customer legit interrupts someone ordering to remind you about their pastry



- @KatieYanezzzz

Can you make that 200 degrees?



- @MattieeDrake

For the BOGO event, when people ordered one macchiato and expected to get one free without ordering a second one. Ha!



- @Bethany_1121

Customer hands over a $100 "Do you have anything smaller?" No "Ok the change will be in $1 & $5" *customer hands over a ten*



- @KatieYanezzzz

When people think they're being clever by ordering a shot of espresso, then use all the cream on the bar to make a latte



- @ShyTeaLatte

When they add four more items to their order at the window.



- @Suzanne_What

Orders 7 "frappes" made with soy extra caramel and whip cream and java chips blended in 2 pumps base 6 frapp roast 4 shots of espresso



- @Bethany_1121

Ask if you're still open 3 minutes before you close and come in anyways and make you provide service



- @ErikaMacias_

A customer comes in every morning and sets his toddler standing up on our handoff bar until his order is finished.



- @MegaJandro

"What breakfast sandwiches do you have left rn" "sausage, slow roasted ham, spinach wrap" "okay I'll take a bacon Gouda"



- @BabyGirlJordan

Customers who bang empty carafes instead of asking for a new one



- @HighCheyy

Customer: *picks up a mobile order that is not theirs* Who's is this? Me: Not yours. Not your problem.



- @JuliaGowen

"Can you tell me all the pastries you have?"



- @Markieefff

When you're on DT and you ask them to wait a sec and they proceed with telling your their order



- @HunterPacheco1

When they ask for soy or almond milk after you closed their check so they don't have to pay extra



- @Hxnnahtbh