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Things you Do That your Barista Hates

Your barista is someone who comes into contact with literally every different type of person there is. They serve hundreds of customers each day, some good and some….not so good. Taken from the Barista Life Instagram, which is where they all hangout, these are the 12 things they hate.

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1. When you pronounce “Espresso,” …Expresso

ESSS-PRESSSSSS-OHHH #BaristaLife #Espresso #Coffee #TheMoreYouKnow

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It’s one of the most common mispronunciations we hear; and we hear a lot of them. There is no X in espresso.

2. When you Provide Spelling of your Name

Probably what he's thinking anyways... #BaristaLife

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Contrary to what the media says about us, we are actually a smart group of individuals. A majority of baristas are attending school, or have already graduated. Sometimes, we like to innocently spice up our days by spelling your name wrong; just for fun. Yes, we know how to spell Dave…it’s Dhayve

3. When you Order ‘No-Foam’ Cappuccinos with Attitude

We can’t stress how often we hear this. A cappuccino is widely regarded as one of the original coffee based beverages and it is very similar to a latte, but what makes it different is the foam. When a customer orders a cappuccino with no foam, it’s pretty much like ordering a cup of milk, with no milk. A cappuccino is made with half milk, half foam; whereas a latte is made with a layer of foam just at the top.

4. When you stare at us while we make your drink

Don't look at me ?✋? #BaristaLife @Kayla_ayyy

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Being on bar can be really stressful at times, especially when there is a line of drinks to be made. When you are standing there, it’s okay to look at us. Just don’t be that guy who leans over the handoff plane, intently watching our every move. Especially if you’re going to comment that you didn’t want whipped cream on a drink that isn’t yours

5. When you leave the speaker box without ending your order

Where do you get off ? #BaristaLife

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It really does help us when you let us know that the last item will conclude your order. We can then send the order through and our bar barista can start on your order. Not to mention it hurts our feelings not getting a goodbye ;/

6. When you’re on your phone during your order

I am here ?????? #BaristaLife #BaristaProblems

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This one may or may not be our biggest pet peeve, along with everyone else in retail. We need your attention for about 30 seconds tops, then you’re free to talk as long as you want! We want to give you the best service, and most of us will ask unnecessary questions during your order if you’re on your phone, just because.

7. When you pour hot coffee in the trashcan

We usually ask if you want room in your coffee for this exact reason, so we don’t have to empty a trash can full of liquid coffee and then mop up our trail after we’ve ran it out the door. Let us know how much room you need as we take your order

8. When you don’t say the size of your drink

But you bet this old dogs' still got it ?? #BaristaLife #WhatSize? #ThanksObama

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If you forget this one, you’re not alone. We actually have gotten quite used to asking what size. Just try and remember to include that vital information in your order

9. When you blame us for the prices

This seems all too relevant ... ? #BaristaLife {?: @kristy_tokarz4}

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Did you really think the ones here at 3am are also the ones determining how much to charge you?

10. When you put your money on the counter, under our outreached hand

making it rain ? #BaristaLife #BaristaProblems

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11. When you reply to our greeting with your order

That'll teach mocha to ignore my greeting! #Hola #BaristaLife ??

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A negative customer can bring down the mood of a barista really quick, just say hi to us

12. When you try and scam the system

We know every trick in the book. We can judge how long you’ve had your cup just by looking at it. So just please try not to take advantage of the refill policy, which is same store, same visit. We’re onto you!

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